An invitation to visit Ca’ Coato Vineyards

Wine is made with grapes and grapes come from the vineyard!

In the cellar we can only optimise what has been done in the vineyard.

For this reason we have decided to invite everyone who has time and desire to visit the new vineyards which we are now planting in the area of Cà Coato, Negrar (Verona).

If you happen to be in the proximity of Negrar, if the weather is good and if you have a good pair of walking shoes, you can take an hour walk along a suggested itinerary in order to admire this enchanting part of the valley and to look at the care we are taking to get he best results from our grapevines.

After the traffic light in S. Maria di Negrar, take S.P. 6 (provincial road no. 6) for about 300 m, up to the marble yard located to the right, where you can park your vehicle. After an old gate near a cypress tree, take a gravel road named “Giove a Coato”, which runs along “Jupiter’s Arch” (“Arco di Giove”) situated higher up on your right, and reach Villa Zamboni (see map). After passing around the villa to the right, you reach the first crossing called Zambon. The ground becomes more steep and from here you can see our first vineyard installed in Cà Coato (the vineyards are marked green on the map with the year of first implantation). Follow the old road and pass the olive trees to your left; then you have to take a little unmarked road (be careful not to miss it) across the vineyard, going through a green gate to your right, up to the last marogna (dry wall made with local stone). At the end of the vineyard walk around the wooded area located to the right up to the impressive marogne that we are restoring for the 2004 grapevine plantation: the view from here is spectacular and in a clear day you can see the hills near Lake Garda and Monte Baldo mountain crest.

On the way back there are two roads: the one marked with red will give you a full view of the hill where our vineyards are located; the orange one, going around the hill named Roccolo, goes back to the road taken before.